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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are grateful for so much in our lives.  We are grateful for our families, friends, and everyone we encounter, near and far.  This is the one holiday of the year that we take stock of everything that has enriched our lives.  Even though our hearts maybe saddened by the fact that some of our loved ones cannot be present, we know that they are with us.  

My prayer for you this Thanksgiving Day is that you may find joy in all the simple things life offers, the smile on a baby's face, the gentle nod from a stranger, and the warm embrace of family and friends.  All these things are what truly matters, these are the treasures that we keep safe.  

I have already shed some tears, I have already laughed, the feast is ready to be served, and now we wait for our guests to arrive.  We will enjoy the meal, each others company and the stories that are shared, it is a good day.  I love Thanksgiving.

If you are unable to join family on this holiday, know that you are not alone, you are never alone.  We are all together, we are all family and even though we may not be physically together, we are all together in spirit.  Our hearts see and understand what our minds and common sense cannot comprehend.

For some of you this maybe the first holiday without your loved one, I know it is not easy, I know it does not feel or seem right, but even though they are not present, they are very much a part of this day.  It is okay to cry, it is okay to laugh, and it is okay to include them some how.  I have made Rachel's favorite dessert and have plenty of extra stuffing, just in case.  You will do what is right for you, but remember the love, and that will guide your through this day.

Wishing you all the best this Thanksgiving Day.

Cherished Ritual
Lord, as we pause in our busy lives
to gather around the Thanksgiving table,
sharing the precious bond among family and friends,
let us remember that this abundant harvest,
this feast of delicious and nourishing dishes
is the fulfillment of our faith
that You will always provide for us.
As we go through this cherished ritual,
the Thanksgiving holiday ceremony,
let us feel the comfort of Your care for us
in every bite we eat and enjoy.
In this tradition,
begun by courageous travelers long ago
to thank you for their lives and safety,
we thank You
for the joy and happiness you give us, to lift us up,
and also for the sometimes difficult lessons and challenges
You give us to make us stronger, better,
and more aware of our need for You.
Thank you for the support and courage You give us
to get through troubled times.
Thank You for answered prayers
and also for the times You said "no,"
to keep us from stumbling off Your path for us.
We know that in all things,
You are working for our good.
Now, as we draw together in unity
to savor this wonderful dinner,
we are thankful for those who prepared it,
for those who join us to enjoy it,
and most of all, we thank You, Lord,
for the many different kinds of blessings
You continually grant us.
We pray that You'll bless this food,
and bless all of us as we gather together.
In Jesus' name we pray; Amen.
By Joanna Fuchs
Blessings! and until we meet again.

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