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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sites Listing Available Resources

These are only a handful of resource sites, you can search for more specific support groups based on your circumstances and grief.  Besides these links, there are also resources for divorce, abduction, addiction, pet loss, and any other type of event that may leave you feeling lost, confused, and grieving.  

Blessings! and until we meet again.


  1. Over the years I have lost several family members, mostly due to old age, Grandparents who I cherished and adored. My late ex husband, we divorced but we had a lovely friendship..

    About a year and a half ago I lost my younger brother. He wasn't killed in a car accident. He died due to being an alcoholic. He and I always had a very close special relationship. He had been drinking off and on mostly on the last year of his life. He was well educated had a great job lived in a beautiful 3000sq.ft home all by himself. He would have been a great hubby for someone, he tried that route but he loved his booze more. At the begining of Feb, 2009 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, WOW! I didn't know what to do I called my brother. He said don't worry things will be OK. I made him promise - he did.He started drinking more would go on binges for days. But this last binge lasted nearly 3 weeks, he drank on a continual basis, mixing pain killers with alcohol and not eating. In the meantime I was preparing for surgery. I learned my Cancer was quite aggressive, stage3 grade3. I was going to have the "Full Monty" Chemo & radiation. plus my cancer was hormone induced.I'd have to be on an anti estrogen for 5 years.It was so much to absorb and my brother was not answering the phone. I was home from hospital 1 day I called him finally spoke but he was totally incoherent. I reached the neihbour they brought him some food, for days after I kept calling all hrs all day & night.Finally Friday came I called the police in the town he lived. They went to his home, a few hrs later a knock on my door. A female officer came inside, regretted to tell me he was deceased. He had an accident He fell hit his head on the edge of the tub. He died alone that Tuesday but wasn't found till Friday.. I have been angry pissed off cried but I haven't found myself in that dark area where I am mourning him. I can't afford to right now. I have a big fight too with Breast Cancer. I had my second breast removed after my 6 month check-up picked up irregularities.
    I miss him till my heart hurts, I also am Catholic, I pray for him....I miss him I love him. I know he is watching over us. Most of all I am pissed off with him, But I forgive him and he doesn't want us to mourn him, At his wake we had music he liked we danced laughed remembered him as he was not what he'd become.

    Nice blog I will be a regular visitor please come check mine if you like..

    Love Alli xoxo

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  3. Alli, I am so sorry, I still have my brothers and I have been told it is very difficult to lose a sibling. Both my children had a hard time with it, my daughter took a year off from college because she just couldn't focus and my son was young and I still hear anger bubble up occasionally. It is okay to be angry, you feel as if he abandoned you, as if he just didn't care. I was angry at Rachel for a while, why hadn't she pulled over, all that kind of stuff. In time it begins to fade. Addiction on the other hand, is a tough one, and as you know first hand it robs us of our loved ones long before they are gone. But enough of that, and more about you, reading your words you appear to be a very upbeat person, full of life, that is a great attitude when dealing with all you have on your plate right now. My sister-in-law is a breast cancer survivor, and her attitude, support from family and friends, and not giving up, it was truly made the difference. I know you have a long road ahead of you, but keep your chin up, and always know that someone cares, someone loves you, and you are never alone. I will keep you, Alli, in my prayers. Wishing you a very speedy recovery, not only from the cancer, but in your grief as well. Life is so very precious, we must cherish it everyday. And always remember the love. Rose Mary xoxox