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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Riches Beyond Compare!

Yesterday, was quite interesting, I didn't realize it would be so difficult to add 2 photos to my postings.  As I searched through my pictures of Rachel, raw emotion just poured out.  I wanted at least a photo or two that would allow you to see her as we did.  It hurt, I cried, but it felt good to share, that was what Rachel was all about, reaching out to others.  Her goal in life was to make everyone feel special and cared for.

This morning as I thought about it and wondered who may have seen her photo, I laughed, thinking out loud; Rachel, look you are traveling the globe, you always loved to travel.  But even more importantly is she is still doing what she always did best, making people feel as if they are the only one that mattered at that moment.  

When you are reading my postings, you and only you matter, and hopefully you are able to take something away from my words, that can help you, that can maybe ease the pain a little.  For those who may be trying to help a loved one or a friend, you hopefully walk away with some insight as to what they may be experiencing or feeling.  I know yesterday, I gained so much from knowing that the world would know Rachel.  That she is someone's daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, niece and friend.  That she lived, she laughed and she loved.  

Your loved one was all these things to you and more.  They existed, they lived and they loved.  Your world would not be the same without them.  If they had never come to be, you would not know what you were missing, but because they were part of your life; you are all the richer for it.  All the treasure in the world could not replace what they gave you, what their legacy is to you.  

In my younger years, I always dreamed of being 'rich' when I reached forty.  I turned forty, and I had succeeded, not in a monetary way, but in what I had accomplished, the importance of my family, and the value of all those people who had made an impact on my life.  I was and continue to be rich beyond compare; I have a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful children,  a terrific son-in-love, and an exceptional symbol of love, my grandson.  I also have an amazing family, and many wonderful friends.  

It was because of this cache of treasures, that I was able to survive, to cope and deal with my daughter's death.  Our family, friends and even mere acquaintances reached out to us, helped us and provided the support we needed and craved for during those first few days, weeks and months.  They still help us today.  They let us know that they care, they let us know that Rachel is still remembered and they provide a helping, supportive hand when we need it.  

Yesterday was no exception to the outpouring of riches.  After I had published my post, I received comments, one here on the blog site, and others through my email accounts.  All the comments, were a thank you for sharing Rachel with them.  They felt the photos made a difference, they now had a face to go with the writings.  They could look at these and maybe understand or relate and find comfort in my words. 

I thank God everyday for the gift of each day, for the gift of the people I will meet today, and for the wisdom that I will gain from those I encounter.  I am a Catholic and being a Christian, my prayer is that I will always look for Christ in others and that I can be Christ to those who meet me.  But regardless of your religious beliefs or tenets, we all have the requirement to seek out the good in others, to recognize that we are all humans.  That we are all traveling on a journey and that we sometimes need to turn to others for guidance, for support, and to help us find our way, should we become lost.  

We need to reach out, not be afraid to ask for help, we are not required to go it alone.  We also need to be willing to stretch out our own hands to someone in need, help when help is asked for, and to avoid leaving someone standing alone.  Rachel truly believed this and she lived it as best she could.  She knew that we are all equals and no one wants to be alone.  I remember the holidays in particular, Rachel enjoyed the meals, and it was seldom that we had a gathering that a friend or two of hers was not present.  She would call and ask if she could bring a friend, they had no family nearby, and she didn't want them to be alone.  My husband and I always had a few extra 'children' for the holidays, because Rachel knew that we need each other, that love is a gift to be shared.  

Reach out to others either in your need or in response to theirs.  Seek out the help of others and in doing so you are helping them as well.  When you are lost, ask for directions, and when you find your way, lead others.  When you are feeling lonely or alone, seek out someone, they too may be feeling the same way, and now neither of you are alone.  

But most importantly, live as if this in your only chance to get it right, and love as if your life and theirs depended on it.  

Blessings! and until we meet again. 

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