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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Loss of any kind has many affects on us.  We lose our keys, we become frantic.  We cannot find our child in a department store and we begin to dread the worst.  It is amazing how our minds and bodies react to loss.

When someone we love dies, it just simply seems unbearable, regardless of our relationship with the individual.  The emptiness, the fear, anger, despair, and a myriad of other emotions and feelings coarse through us with an energy all their own.  At the moment we are going through it, we feel as if there is no way out of the darkness.  

We are not alone, even if we believe we are.  A gentle touch, a shared tear, and life giving hug, all say we are not alone, even if we do not recognize it at the time.  

As I journey down this road, I am grateful for everyone and everything that has helped me.  And I am very grateful that I am not alone.  Remember to allow yourself to grieve, the best advice I received after my daughter died, was from a 4-year old.  He saw me crying at Mass shortly after Rachel had died and he asked his mom why I was crying, she told him that I missed Rachel and that I was feeling sad.  He simply told his mother, "tell Rose Mary that it is okay to cry, cause crying makes the hurt go away."  Thanks Noah...

Blessings!  and until we meet again. 

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